Intern Hutch


What is Intern Hutch?

The Chamber, in cooperation with the Young Professionals of Reno County, hosts an intern connection program called Intern Hutch. Any area intern is encouraged to participate in the activities ranging from social events, to professional development sessions, to community tours. This program provides an opportunity for summer interns to connect with the community and one another.

Why participate in Intern Hutch?

The goal is for interns to see Hutchinson/Reno County as a vibrant place to live, work and play as young professionals in hopes they will look here first when seeking a full-time position after college.

As a result of any internship, we hope our local companies are better able to recruit young talent for full-time employment after graduation.

Questions or want more information?

Please call Lacie Janzen at 620-662-3391 or email for more details.